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The University of Sussex has announced 115 job cuts and other attacks on the terms and conditions of staff. This site is sponsored by the three staff trade unions and the Students' Union. The University is proposing to reduce academic staffing levels by around 10%, and is attacking a range of student support and service areas. We do not believe that Sussex can continue to deliver a world class education if the current proposals are allowed to go ahead. These cuts come against a background of massively increased management overheads which we calculate are costing the University in excess of an additional £1 million annually. Vice Chancellor pay at Sussex increased by 42.6% in 2007-8. We conservatively estimate that between a third and a half of the threatened jobs are going simply to pay for the restructured senior management. The three campus trade unions, UCU, UNISON and UNITE are working with USSU to fight the proposed cuts. This site provides essential information for staff and students and all those concerned with securing the future of Sussex.

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